Are you sure you want to do that? Pop-up boxes with web applications.

29 01 2009

My current project required that when a user tried to delete something, they would get a warning, that deleting that would delete other things to and offer them the option to proceed or cancel. There are many ways to do this, the best way I found to do it was using the following code:

Response.Write("<script>var result=confirm('Are you sure you want to delete this project? Doing so will also delete all units and tests associated to this project. Click OK to proceed, or Cancel to return to the Project Maintenance screen.');if(result){window.document.location.href='SubmitProject.aspx';}else{window.document.location.href='ProjectMaintenance.aspx';}</script>");

So the Javascript function says:

show the confirmation box
if(result == 'Ok')
go to SubmitProject.aspx
return to current page ProjectMaintenance.aspx

This is a very hand bit of code that I will probably use quite a lot from now on!




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