It’s been a while…

17 02 2011

So here I am, apologising again for a lack of updates to this blog! I started a new job in November and moved house at the same time so it’s all been a bit manic really. I hadn’t done any admin with the site since late November so I came back to over 500 comments to moderate! There was a large amount of spam so if I accidentally trashed someone’s genuine comment then I am very sorry. Please post it again and I will approve it.

On the subject of comments, my general rule when moderating is to look at the name provided and the e-mail address provided and see if they match in some way. For example if the name provided is Sarah then the e-mail address is then chances are it will get trashed. I also look at the URL’s provided. If there is one there, I look to see if it looks genuine and if it is, I check it out. I wish I could remove the comment moderation but there really are so many spammers out there!

Anyway, what I plan to do from here is to get back into posting regular content. I’m planning to do a little stats summary like I did at the end of 2009 (for my benefit to look back on really). I’ve also been looking into some SEO techniques at work recently so might start posting a little about SEO bits and also trying some things out on the site.

Another thing I’ve been considering is maybe getting a guest writer on to write some posts for the site. A similar sort of thing to what I do, general hints and tips for programming etc. If you’re interested please leave me a comment and I’ll get in touch with you.

So sorry again for the lack of new articles. I plan to spend much more time on it from now on when time allows!



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