My new HP Touchpad

15 04 2012

So I’ve been very quiet on here for quite a while. I’ve gotten so busy at work that I haven’t found much time to do anything here outside of work hours as I’ve been spending a lot of time doing reading on unit testing and design patterns and other things like that.

Yesterday my new purchase arrived. An HP Touchpad. I’ve got it dual booted using Cyanogen Mod 9 to run Android Ice Cream Sandwich. As you may have already guessed this is what I’m using here to test the keyboard and how responsive it is and how accurate I am on it. Other than the space key not always firing, I’m finding it pretty good. The corrections are pretty good too. Seems a lot better than my phone which is also Android, running 2.3.5. In fact using this is making me want to root my phone and get ICS on there too!

The battery life is pretty good. I used it a lot yesterday (obviously, it’s my new toy) and the battery lasted until early afternoon today. Having this is also making me want to start doing some Android development. I’ve been thinking about it for a while and now I have the perfect excuse 🙂

I am hoping I get some time to do something useful enough to warrant a post on here. I will definitely try! I hope all of you that are finding your way here through Google find some of my older posts useful. Please feel free to leave a comment saying hi and how any post has helped you!



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