Belated statistics for 2010

19 02 2011

This is a little late but I still wanted to post my 2010 stats up (even if just for my benefit 🙂 )

In 2009 I had 4,229 unique visitors to my blog. I am happy to announce that in 2010, that number rose to 6,403 unique visitors! As I said last year, to some people this number isn’t exactly staggering. To me however it really is. I started this blog to keep a note of all the little code snippets I thought may be useful instead of relying on my memory and reams of post it notes! It’s brilliant that it helps other people and in 2010 (end of the year excluded) I really started trying to make sure my posts could be found via search engines by trying to use tags properly and trying to write the posts so that other people could understand them!

So thank you for visiting, I really hope my blog can help you. I generally do check my comments regularly (again end of 2010 excluded!) so if you want to ask any questions about my code, need some help getting it to work or give some feedback on the site, leave me a comment and I will try and get back to you as soon as possible.

Stats for 2011 are looking good so far so lets hope we can top 2010′s stats! Bring on 2011…I should probably get writing some new posts!



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